Vienna falcons breeding station


Our facility was constructed according to the state of scientific knowledge and built from modern materials in order to ensure stress-free conditions for breeding. Based on 25 years of experience in falconry, breeding and management of raptors of all kinds, all aviaries were individually designed to meet the special needs of every bird of prey. Of course the latest EU-guidelines and standards concerning size and furnishing were considered.

The facility consists of numerous aviaries for breeding, a large hall and an official quarantine-station for importing or exporting falcons from or to non-EU countries. Furthermore the quarantine-station is used for safety reasons to seperate and treat birds in case they show any symptoms of illness.

Additionally there are cold-storage and freezing units, as well as stables for the live-stock we use for feeding our falcons.

Our station is exclusively dedicated to the breeding of hierofalcons, like gyrfalcons, peregrines and their hybrids (i.e. gyr-peregrine, gyr-shaheen).


Besides all euphoria for our flight-show and our breeding-program, we want to emphasize that during all our work with birds of prey we never forget the real purpose of falconry as one of the most beautiful and exciting hunting tradition that exist on this planet. Therefore we will do everything we can to keep this culture alive in our modern society and to make sure, that our children and grandchildren will still be able to enjoy this experience of freedom in harmony with nature every falconers knows.


phone: +43 (0)664 402 74 15   Fax: +43 (01) 28 30 308